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Crestron AM-TX3 - 100 Wireless Media Transmitter

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The Crestron AM-TX3-100 and AM-TX3-100-I are USB dongles that enable the use of Miracast projection technology on computers/laptops. Miracast® is built into the Microsoft Windows 10 operat-ing system, so no software installation is necessary.

  • Install the Device - The AM-TX3-100 and AM-TX3-100-I can be connected to computer/ laptop with USB Type-C port.
  • Connect to the Device - To connect to an AM-3100-WF(-I) or AM-3200-WF-(I) with a comput- er/PC device, do the following:1. Press and hold Setup button (3 seconds) on AM-3x00 to startpairing mode.2. Press and hold Screenshare button on the device to pair - the sta-tus LED will indicate Green that pairing has been successful.
  • Screensharing - Once connected AM3X00 with computer/PC, Click the Share Button once to Start/Stop presentation sharing.
  • Peripheral Connection - Click the Connection Button to Start/Stop Peripheral Connection.

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Crestron AM-TX3 - 100

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