HP Elite Slice G2 Logitech MeetUp Small Room System India

HP Elite Slice G2 Logitech MeetUp Small Room System

Product Type: Microsoft Team Room Kits

Brand: HP

SKU: HP Elite Slice G2

Simplify small room conferencing with a stress-free setup, an intuitive interface, and crisp audio on HP’s versatile Teams Room System that seamlessly connects with Logitech's MeetUp for professional quality audio and video for video conferencing. Ready to go: this system is ready for installation for its specified room size with specific cables and parts necessary included in your purchase.

  • Elite Slice G2-Audio Ready Logitech MeetUp huddle room system -

    A small conferencing space accommodating up to 5 people, often for impromptu, but also for scheduled meetings. Located in an open space and taking up to a 2.3 meter radius, huddle rooms are subject to ambient office noise. The conferencing system is set up at one edge of a space or in a half-circle layout.

  • Microphone - Meeting participants sit around a table where three microphones are distributed, so that they can pick up voices of participants sitting within a range of 2.3 meters.
  • Speaker - A loudspeaker projects from the wall to listeners within a range of 2.3 meters.
  • Camera - A camera is mounted at the edge of the room near a display. It is located within a range of approximately between .4 and 2.3 meters of meeting participants.
  • Ready to go room - Save time, money, and other resources, and be ready to install a system on arrival at your door. Ready to go Teams Rooms are specifically designed to be complete for a specific environment tailored for room variation by including cables of the appropriate length, cable management, and other ancillary parts. This means you get up and running quicker with less hassle.






Maximum consoles


Screen Resolution (pixels)

1440 x 960



Aspect ratio


Screen size diagonal

12.3 Inch


Console - 6.5 x 6.5 x 4.4 in (165 x 165 x 112 mm)



Part Code

HP Elite Slice G2

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