Lightware  DA4-3GSDI SD/HD/3G SDI Distribution Amplifier with 4 Outputs India

Lightware DA4-3GSDI SD/HD/3G SDI Distribution Amplifier with 4 Outputs

Product Type: Amplifier

Brand: Lightware


DA4-3GSDI is a multirate one Input/four Output serial distribution amplifier. Input equalization provides compensation for 100m (3G-SDI)cable loss, while Outputs are reclocked and independently buffered.Front panel LEDs gives quick information about the device status:power, data rate and PLL lock.

The unit has a built-in power supply and housed in a metal enclosure for long term reliability and tough environment operation. DA4-3GSDI supports Level A, Level B Dual Link(B-DL) and Level B Dual Stream (B-DS). 


  • Rental and staging
  • Military and GIS
  • Medical
  • Scientific visualizations
  • Supports 3G, HD and SD data rates
  • Mounting options for rack, furniture or truss
  • No signal latency, zero frame delay
  • Input cable equalization up to 100m for 3G-SDI, and 200m for HD-SDI
  • No video compression
  • Built-in universal power supply
  • Metal enclosure
Data rates: SD (270 Mb/s); HD (1.48 Gb/s); 3G (2.97 Gb/s)
Input cable compensation: SD max. 400 m; HD max. 200 m; 3G max. 100 m
Power: 110 / 230 V, 3 VA
Power consumption: 1.7 W (typ) 2.1 W (max)
Dimensions: 110 W x 181 D x 42 H mm
Weight: 890 gramms
Compliance: CE

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