Lightware UBEX-MMU-X200 UBEX Matrix Management Unit India

Lightware UBEX-MMU-X200 UBEX Matrix Management Unit

Product Type: AV Over IP

Brand: Lightware


UBEX-MMU-X200 is a Matrix Management Unit (MMU) for the UBEX AV Over IP optical extender product line. With a standard Ethernet switch installed as crosspoint, a virtual matrix can be created with UBEX devices connected to the IP network as input and output endpoints. The virtual matrix established requires to be managed and controlled by the MMU also connecting to the Ethernet switch.

The MMU builds and constantly updates a database of the UBEX endpoints connected to the network, displaying a traditional crosspoint view of the virtual matrix in the Lightware Device Controller (LDC) software, also displaying connected, but inactive units.

Users connect and communicate directly with the MMU in matrix mode, and MMU connects to and relays communication to the endpoint UBEX units.

The MMU displays information about endpoints and the overall virtual AV network, backup and restore functions are also provided to save and load the configuration.

The MMU also manages the firmware upgrades of the connected endpoint UBEX devices, it is possible to initiate and update of the firmware on all UBEX units present in the network. The MMU device can update the firmware of endpoint UBEX units in a virtual matrix application simultaneously, without limitation for the number of devices in the setup. Based on the communication with the UBEX endpoints, the MMU manages and supervises bandwidth use efficiency.

The MMU also serves as an interface for third party control systems and includes Lightware’s proprietary Advanced EDID Management technology.

This device has standard one RU size and can be installed in a rack with the help of the rack ears. UBEX-MMU-X200 has an internal power source running on standard 110/220V connected via a standard IEC port to mains.

    • Easy access front panel Ethernet and USB ports for device control
    • Rear panel RS-232 and Ethernet ports for third party control input
    • UBEX network connection: RJ45 1 Gbps Ethernet port or 1 Gbps SFP link module
    • Jog-dial push button and color display
    • Advanced EDID Management
    • IEC standard, 110/220V power inlet port
    • Standard, 1 RU size to be installed on rack with supplied rack ears


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