Logitech Dock All-in-One Docking Station

Product Type: All In One VC Solutions

Brand: Logitech

SKU: 986-000024

Logi Dock is an all-in-one docking station fitted with speakers, a speakerphone and seven connectivity ports.

The dock can be paired with peripheral devices such as webcams to create a complete meeting experience and is compatible with popular meeting platforms such as Teams, Zoom and Webex.

Logitech Dock will be available for pre-order soon

  • The Work-From-Home SuperHero - Working from home shouldn’t be a compromise. Logi Dock is an all-in-one docking station that simplifies home office setup, reduces desktop clutter, and helps remote workers feel more productive. Certified for leading video conferencing platforms and easy to set up, Logi Dock connects everything in one tidy unit that replaces the need for extra peripherals and eliminates a tangle of cables and wires.
  • UNCLUTTER YOUR DESKTOP - Work freely. Logi Dock connects and charges up to five USB peripherals and two monitors, replaces unneeded chargers and power cords, and makes desktop clutter disappear. Whether you use a Mac, PC, or Chromebook™1Logi Dock works with laptops that support USB-C with DisplayPort Alt Mode. With USB-C DP or Alt Mode, Logi Dock can provide up to 100W of power to charge laptops and connect video source and display devices such as external monitors., Logi Dock streamlines your home office so you can work more productively.
  • ADD MUSIC TO YOUR WORKDAY - If music is your ideal work companion, indulge your preferences with small but mighty speakers that deliver immersive, stereophonic audio, a powerful bass line you can hear, and volume you can crank way up. Enjoy your favorite tunes distortion-free, carefully balanced, and crystal clear.
  • CONNECT EVERYTHING - Take control of your desk with one simple solution that connects your devices, powers your laptop up to 100W, and reduces the number of chargers, cables, and adapters. Attach up to five USB peripherals and two monitors using USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, and a display port. Pair to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® to stream audio.
    Logi Doc back with outlining the ports.
  • UPGRADE LOGI DOCK WITH TUNE - Logi Tune is the app that takes Logi Dock from great to exceptional. By syncing your calendar2Logi Tune desktop app required for calendar integration, which supports Office 365 and Google Calendar. with Logi Dock, Tune makes it easy to stay on top of your day, get informed of upcoming appointments, and quickly join your meetings with the press of a button. Tune also lets you optimize Logitech business webcams and Zone headsets, to ensure you look and sound the way you want in video meetings.
  • REMOTE MANAGEMENT WITH SYNC - Logitech Sync offers a secure and scalable approach to remotely manage Logitech devices, from personal collaboration to meeting room solutions. Sync allows IT admins to update firmware, enable or lock down certain features, and troubleshoot problems. Sync supports company-wide video deployments while minimizing site visits.
  • READY FOR BUSINESS - Logi Dock is compatible with Microsoft Teams®, Google Meet™, Google Voice™, and Zoom®. It’s also compatible with common calling applications across most platforms and operating systems within your IT ecosystem. And because it’s simple for employees to set up, you can deploy Logi Dock with confidence to your remote and hybrid workforce.
  • BETTER TOGETHER WITH LOGITECH- Logitech’s collaboration products are designed to play nicely together (with minimal supervision). Create a wireless workspace with Logi Dock by directly pairing Zone wireless products, and connecting a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse with a Unifying receiver. This frees up USB ports for other devices, like your webcam.
    This desk setup also includes MX Keys, MX Master, and Zone True Wireless.
  • One Dock, Many Places - Logi Dock is elegantly designed for any modern workspace, whether in an open space at home, a private office, or a focus room.
  • 100W POWER DELIVERY - Charge your PC or Mac through Logi Dock’s USB-C upstream port, which delivers up to 100W of power while safely charging laptops requiring 85W or less. No need to carry around a power adapter anymore!
    No software icon
  • NO DRIVERS REQUIRED - Logi Dock uses USB-C with DisplayPort, which natively connects to external monitors and supports dual displays4May not be supported by all PC vendors.. No need to install drivers or other software as with DisplayLink.
  • RESPONSIBLE PACKAGING - The paper packaging of Logi Dock comes from FSC-certified forests. By choosing this product, you are supporting responsible management of the world’s forests.


Logi Dock

Height: 84.8 mm

Width: 160 mm

Depth: 131.5 mm

Cable length: 1 m

Weight: 0.942 kg

System Requirements

Compatible with

Windows, macOS or Chrome™ based computer

iOS or Android™ Bluetooth enabled devices

Available USB-C port

AC Power

Software Downloads

Download Logi Tune for convenient calendar integration, one-touch-to-join meeting experience and customization. 5Logi
Tune desktop app required for calendar integration, which supports
Office 365 and Google Calendar. Support may vary by video conferencing
service provider. See pro support compatibility page for latest

Targeted Certifications

Microsoft Teams®, Google Meet™, Google Voice™ and Zoom®

Technical Specifications


Frequency Response: 60Hz-20KHz

Driver size: 55 mm

Support automatic audio switching 6Works with Zone Wireless (Plus) or Zone True Wireless


Beamforming mic array with six mics

Frequency Response: 65Hz-8KHz

Docking Station

Docking interface: USB-C with DisplayPort or Alt Mode

Power to system: Up to 100 Watt charging


1 x display/video - HDMI v. 1.4b (Support up to 4K@60Hz HDR) 7See support page for compatibility updates.

1 x display/video - DisplayPort 1.4 (Support up to 4K@60Hz HDR) 8See support page for compatibility updates.

2 x USB-A

1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps) with 4.5W charging 9See support page for compatibility updates.

1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps) with 7.5W fast charging

3 x USB-C

2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) with 4.5W charging 10See support page for compatibility updates.

1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) with 7.5W fast charging

1 x USB-C Upstream

1 x Bluetooth Sync button

1 x AC power (230W, 19.5V)

Security slot type: Kensington security slot

Package Contents

Logi Dock

Power supply cable 1.6 m

AC power cord 1.7 m

USB-C to USB-C cable 1 m

User documentation

Warranty Information

2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

1-Year or 3-Year Extended Warranty available for purchase

Part Number

Graphite UC Logi Dock: 986-000024

Graphite MS TEAMS Logi Dock: 986-000020

Off-white UC Logi Dock: 986-000030

Part Code


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