Panasonic TH-65BFE1W Interactive Display India

Panasonic TH-65BFE1W Interactive Display

Product Type: Room Displays

Brand: Panasonic


65" Full HD Built in multi touch interactive display, 400 Cd/m2, HDMI X 2, DVI-D X 1, VGA IN X 1, USB IN X 1, USB Type A(Touch) X 1, landscape and portrait installation, Up to 10 point touch in PC mode, PC based white board software, 16W front speaker bar included.

The Touch Panel Also Enables Signage Use

In addition to presenting educational materials and other data, these displays let you write directly onto the screen. Their touch-screen LCD energizes interactive classroom lessons and meetings. Using the touch-panel function, they can also be used as signage for applications like product presentations and floor guidance.

Useful Touch-Screen Displays

In addition to presenting educational materials, these displays can be used as whiteboards* to improve student understanding. Several students can write on them simultaneously, for active classroom participation. Simply insert a cable or USB media for connection. The display is ready for use as soon as you turn on the power, without the need for preparation.

Large, Highly Visible Display Sizes for Classrooms and Conference Rooms

A large, 65-inch size that is easy to see in classrooms and conference rooms, and an even larger, 75-inch size are available. Select the one that matches the room size.
The large-screen display makes educational materials and data easy to see.

High Visibility for Info Sharing from a Distance

The BQE1/BFE1 Series displays easily visible images at a bright 400 cd/m². An anti-glare (AG) process further increases visibility by suppressing external light reflections. Terminals for PC and HDMI input support highly detailed 4K/Full-HD images of lesson materials and other data, and content from USB media can also be displayed. Even complicated drawings and small text are clear and legible as well.
The TH-75BQE1 supports 4K resolution for even easier-to-read information on its large, 75-inch screen.

Reliable, Easy-to-Use Product Designs

The BQE1 and BFE1 Series features a protective glass with shatterproof film. Even if the panel is broken, the glass will not shatter, making it safe for permanent classroom use. The easy-to-hear front speaker (external/included) also supports understandable lessons and meetings.

Touch-Panel Provides Easy-to-Understand Information

Ideal for use as floor maps and signage to describe products in a showroom. The display can also be mounted vertically to match the content, and external front speakers allow images to be displayed for audio equipped guidance.

Whiteboard Software for Full Use of Educational Materials

This software lets you use the display as a whiteboard. After displaying educational materials onto the whiteboard, you can write notes onto them to make lessons easier to understand.

Up to 10 Points  Can Be Drawn Simultaneously

The multi-touch feature allows up to 10 points to be drawn at once. Operation and use are enhanced by two modes: Single mode and Multi mode. The modes can be easily switched from the menu screen.

Screen capture

On the capture operation panel, the screen can be saved as an image in a Whiteboard page or a file.

Recorder function

Records/saves the screen area selected with the recorder operation panel as a movie.

Easy one-button switching of whiteboard and PPT data

The Whiteboard mode and PowerPoint display can be easily switched with the menu icons. This makes it easy to switch to the Whiteboard mode to jot down notes while looking at the data in the middle of a discussion.


Resolution 4K UHD
Contrast Ratio 4000:1
Weight (kg) 44
Dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 1490 x 865 x 106
LCD Size(inch) 65
Warranty 2 years
Brightness (cd/m2) 400


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