Q-SYS NM-T1 Tabletop Beamforming Microphone

Q-SYS NM-T1 Tabletop Beamforming Microphone

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The Q-SYS NM Series NM-T1 is a tabletop network PoE microphone native to Q-SYS and ideal for the collaboration space. The microphone features advanced beamforming technology that ensures optimal clarity and separation for all surrounding talkers. It also offers onboard call controls, programmable user button and touchless muting capability, which lets users mute or unmute with the wave of a hand. As a native Q-SYS Product, the NM-T1 integrates seamlessly into your Q-SYS system without the need for complex programming.​​​​

Features & Benefits

  • Native Q-SYS beamforming tabletop microphone
  • Four software-configurable zones provide up to 360° coverage
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Touchless mute via proximity motion sensor
  • Onboard call controls, including a programmable user button customizable in Q-SYS Designer Software
  • Programmable RGB light ring for fully customizable color, pattern, speed
  • Comprehensive management via Q-SYS Designer Software and Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager
  • Includes table-mounting accessories

Advanced Beamforming Technology: The Q-SYS NM-T1 features four software-configurable zones that can be activated based on where coverage is (or isn’t needed) to reduce echo and ensure clarity for far end callers. This also enables flexible seating arrangements and provides up to 360° coverage.

Intuitive UI with touchless muting: Easily manage your meetings with the Q-SYS NM-T1 onboard call controls, including a programmable user button and programmable RGB light ring status indicator, both of which are fully customizable within Q-SYS Designer Software. The microphone also features a built-in proximity motion sensor that allows for a simple hand wave to mute/unmute for users that are nearby.

 In Sync with Q-SYS Call Sync: Automatically sync onboard controls and LED status indicators on select Q-SYS device (NM-T1 microphone, TSC Series Gen 3 touchscreens & NL-SB42 PoE speakerbar) keeping the state of all in-room endpoints in sync. Additionally, it provides mute sync for UC platforms via the Q-SYS HID controller, as well as ringing and hook state for Q-SYS softphone and POTS controller.

Managing AEC with NM Series: Q-SYS Cores feature dedicated AEC resources for NM Series microphones while also reserving AEC resources for third-party microphones (or additional NM Series microphones). Each Core has a recommended "Maximum NM-T1 Capacity" along with a total "AEC Channel" specification.


Specifications Q-SYS NM-T1 Tabletop Microphone
Polar pattern Superdirective
Pickup Range 3-9 ft (1-3 m)
Microphone elements 16x MEMS microphone elements
Network input channels required (per NM-T1) 1x network audio stream and 16x network audio channels
Frequency response 100 Hz - 16 kHz, +/-3 dB
Sampling rate 16 kHz wideband / 48 kHz fullband
Bit depth 24 bit
Sensitivity -36 dBFS (94 dB SPL)
Maximum SPL (1 kHz @ 1% THD) 118 dB SPL
Dynamic range 95 dB
Signal-to-Noise ratio 65 dB (48 kHz)
66 dB (16 kHz)
Self noise 28 dB SPL (48 kHz)
28 dB SPL (16 kHz)
Latency 4 ms
Power requirements Power over Ethernet (PoE),Type 1 Class 2
Power consumption <6.5 W
Connector type RJ45
General Specifications
Dimensions 4.21 x 1.1 in (107 x 28 mm)
Weight 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg)

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