QSC CX-Q 8K8 Q-SYS Eight-channel Network Amplifier

Product Type: Network Amplifier

Brand: QSC


Q-SYS CX-Q Series network amplifiers combine a legacy of robust power amplifiers, advancements in high-efficiency output devices and native network transport, control and monitoring capabilities. 

CX-Q 8K8 features eight channels, capable of delivering customized power output loading and a total maximum power of up to 8000 W. Low-Z, 70 V or 100 V direct drive are available on all channels.


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Q-SYS Designer Software is the most powerful yet simple advanced DSP design software on the market today. This software enables the user to create designs for native Q-SYS Platform system and also supports the integration of the greater Q-SYS Ecosystem. The system design environment was created specifically to be intuitive and easy to use. It is laid out without clutter or complicated multi-level menus. As a result, the software allows system integrators to focus their energy on building the audio system, rather than laboring over a complex software learning curve.

•   One Software for all System Sizes: Q-SYS Designer Software is a single application for use with every Q-SYS Core category for projects of any size.
•   Emulation Mode: Build the majority of your system without hardware.
•   Third-party peripheral support: Q-SYS allows for control of external devices through available LUA scripting.
•   User Control Interfaces: Design custom buttons, import graphics, add UCI PIN protection as an addition layer of protection and build user controls for touchscreen controllers.


Note: Before upgrading, be sure to create backup copies of your Q-SYS design files for the current version and older versions. Also, make backup files for all media you have on the Core.  To avoid overwriting your backup copies, be sure you do not open the backup copies with the newly installed version of Q-SYS Designer Software

    • Build for Q-SYS – Simple drag-and-drop integration into your Q-SYS design, enabling network routing, advanced processing and control.
    • Legacy of power redefined – These network amplifiers are built with a 5th generation high-efficiency, Class-D hybrid powertrain design built upon the dependable PL380 PowerLight™ amplifier platform.
    • Flexible & efficient channel power distribution – CX-Q Series network amplifiers feature FlexAmp™ and FAST (Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™), which combine to provide extreme flexibility in output deployment.  
    • Routable input options  – Eight channels of mic/line inputs (with +12 V phantom power) for additional on-ramps into Q-SYS.
    • PowerLight universal switchmode power supply with PFC for highest efficiency, improved audio performance and low weight.

    • Touch-proof Euroblock loudspeaker connections

    • Eight bi-directional GPIO connections for further control and integration of third-party peripherals within Q-SYS

    • Automatic energy saving modes ensure that the amplifier will draw the minimum amount of AC power while still providing outstanding audio quality

    Typical distortion     
     0.02 - 0.05%  
     0.04 - 0.1%  
    Maximum distortion 4Ω - 8Ω 1.00%  
    Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.3 dB  
    Unweighted output muted > 101 dB  
    Weighted output muted > 104 dB    
    Gain (1.2V setting) 38 dB  
    Damping factor > 100  
    Input impedance > 8k balanced and > 4k unbalanced  
    Amplifier and load protection Short circuit, open circuit, over current, over voltage, thermal, RF,  
    DC fault shutdown, active inrush limiting, on/off muting  
    AC power input Universal power supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz  
    Agency approvals UL, CE, RoHS/WEEE compliant, FCC Class B (conducted and radiated emissions)  
    Carton contents IEC cable, quick start guide, Euro (green) connectors  
      Max Power
    8 Independent Channels A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H 70V 1250 W
    100V 1250 W
    1250 W
     4Ω 1500 W
     2Ω 1200 W
    2 Channels BTL Bridged 140V 2000 W
    A+B or C+D or E+F or G+H 200V 2000 W
    Doubles Voltage 3000 W
      1700 W
    2 Channels Parallel 70V 2000 W
    AB or CD or EF or GH 100V 2000 W
    Doubles Current 1250 W
      2400 W
      2500 W
    3 Channels          Combined in Parallel 1250 W
    ABC or EFG
    Triples Current
      2000 W
      2500 W
      4000 W
    4 Channel Bridged/Parallel
    AB+CD, EF+GH
    Doubles Current and Voltage
      5000 W
    4 Channels          Combined in Parallel 1200 W
    ABCD or EFGH
    Quadruples Current 2400 W
      4000 W
      4000 W
    Controls and indicators (front) Power • Channel MUTE buttons • Channel SELECT buttons • Channel Input Signal and CLIP LED Indicators Channel Output and LIMIT LED meters • NEXT, PREV, ID buttons • Control knob  
    Controls and indicators (rear) AC Power Disconnect (IEC C-14)  
    Input connectors "Q" models - 3-pin Euro (green) and Q-LAN Network connectivity
    "Qn" models - Q-LAN Network connectivity only
    Output connectors 8-pin Euro (green)  
    Weights and Dimensions    
    Dimensions (H×W×D) mm 89 × 482 × 406  
    Dimensions (H×W×D) in 3.5 × 19 × 16  
    Weight net 11.8 kg / 26 lb  
    Weight shipping 13.6 kg / 30 lb  

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    CX-Q 8K8

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