Tap small room system with MeetUp & ThinkSmart Edition Tiny India

Tap small room system with MeetUp & ThinkSmart Edition Tiny

Product Type: VC Room Kits

Brand: Logitech

SKU: Tap small room system

A touch control console offering a 10.1” touch screen, easy content sharing, and center of room control. Meeting controls are in easy reach for convenient operation.

Integrated cable retention and strain relief keeps connections tight. Alongside the Logitech MeetUp, the Tap is suitable for small sized rooms.

  • A room accommodating up to 7 people, a small sized conferencing room is an enclosed space that is reserved for meetings. This setup is designed so that the camera will capture the faces and the microphone will pick up the voices of all the participants in a space as large as 4.5x4.5 meters square.
  • A directional microphone is sitting at the same edge of the room with a camera and a display. The directional microphone is designed to pick up the voices of each of the participants who are sitting with within the microphone’s pickup range of approximately 3.5 meters.
  • A loudspeaker is mounted to the wall or at the edge of a room and near the camera and display so that meeting audio projects to all listeners at a distance of up to 3.5 meters.
  • A camera is mounted on the wall near a display. It is located within a range of approximately between 1 and 3.3 meters of meeting participants. It is designed so that it will capture those within a horizontal field of view of at least 90º.

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Tap small room system

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