Yealink 65" All-In-One Collaboration Touch Panel MeetingBoard

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Online and cloud collaboration is growing rapidly in every segment, making it vitally important that the technology we deploy is optimised for collaboration.

The all-new Yealink MeetingBoard 65 is the pinnacle of meeting room collaboration devices, encompassing everything into a single device.

The Yealink MeetingBoard 65 comprises of a 65-inch 4K touch screen display, with full whiteboarding features, a built-in 4K 120° wide angle view camera, 6 speaker array and a 16-mic beamforming microphone array.  By adding a 12x optical pan-tilt-zoom camera (purchased separately), the Yealink MeetingBoard 65 is the ideal solution for any sized boardroom.

Yealink 65"  All-In-One Collaboration Touch Panel MeetingBoard  will be available soon

  • All-in-one Design for the Modern Workplace - Yealink MeetingBoard is designed to be a significant upgrade in modern workplaces under hybrid working. The smooth all-in-one device integrates the computer unit, wide 65-inch touchscreen display, 4K camera, microphones arrays, and speakers. Connecting the power cable is the only installation needed for users to enjoy easy video conferencing and whiteboard collaborating.
  • Native Microsoft Whiteboarding Experience - Powered by the Microsoft Whiteboarding service, Yealink MeetingBoard turns the traditional physical whiteboard into a digital one, making real-time collaboration easier. Users can enjoy jumping into a brainstorming, project planning, or problem-solving meeting with anyone by leveraging the advantage of cloud whiteboarding. The premium inking, collaborative diagrams, fluid components, and other rich content will help to boost creativity and productivity compared with the clutter of paper materials or simple meeting recaps. Most importantly, Microsoft 365 is integrated into the MeetingBoard, offering a better collaborative experience like content sharing in Teams, and opening existing whiteboards from SharePoint.
  • Premium Audio and Video Experience - With built-in 16 MEMS beamforming microphones and 6 speakers, the MeetingBoard supports an HD full-duplex audio experience for up to 8-meter coverage. Based on Android 10 and equipped with a powerful Qualcomm chipset, the 4K camera, with 8MP SONY image sensor, supports up to 4K/60fps video experience that ensures high quality and seamless meetings. This technology is supported by AI audio and video features that enhance the user experience. With independent audio processing unit equipped, the new generation of Yealink AI-based noise-proof technology ensures voice clarity for the open workspaces or specific scenarios like classrooms or creative shared spaces. The camera supports Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, and Yealink is working on more intelligent video features including the multi-people feed for AI-enhanced video experience.
  • Flexible Solutions Cover Larger Spaces - Even though the all-in-one integrated MeetingBoard meets the need of video collaborating in huddle and small spaces, the Yealink extended device line brings more possibilities for a larger workspace. By plugging the extended 12x Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera module, or connecting the wireless microphones, the MeetingBoard upgrades the workspace with multi-angle video capture, and great voice pickup. Along with the extended devices, users can choose the general display screen working with MeetingBoard for a dual-screen video solution.
  • 65-Inch anti-glare 4K touch display
  • 4K / 120° wide-view camera
  • Optional 12x PTZ camera
  • 16-Mic beamforming microphone array
  • Qualcomm Octa-core high-performance chipset
  • Microsoft Teams integrated

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Yealink 65" Meeting Board

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