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Yealink MSpeech is a smart USB speakerphone jointly developed by Yealink and the Microsoft Smart Voice team. Its built-in three microphone arrays can pick up the conference audio significantly. The 6+1 microphone on the top provides the voice recognition feature, including voice transcription, real-time translation, and Cortana voice assistant. Besides, its built-in 4W HD speakers provide crystal-clear audio for the meeting room.

MSpeech can meet the pickup and playback needs of medium-sized conference rooms and provide users with a high-quality audio experience. As the Microsoft Teams conference room system's advanced audio accessory, MSpeech can provide users with a smart, efficient, and high-definition conference audio experience

  • Bring AI collaboration to Microsoft Teams Meetings - With the speech recognition capabilities in MSpeech, attendees in the meeting room can get higher quality automatic speech-to-text transcription no matter who speaks, even in conversations with multiple speakers, and regardless of the meeting content. Speakers in the meeting are identified by their names in the transcript. Additionally, the Cortana speech-assistant provides a completely touchless way of operating the Microsoft Teams Room and meeting, offering voice command and control during the meeting with commands for starting the next meeting, adding people to the meeting, or ending the meeting and other intelligent voice-activated tasks. The MSpeech speakerphone is a steppingstone to more intelligent scenarios in Microsoft Teams meetings, in the future, such as noting down action items and providing meeting summaries.
  • HD full-duplex audio covers medium-sized rooms - With built-in 10 MEMS microphone arrays for great voice pickup and 4W speakers supporting the crystal-clear audio quality, attendees can enjoy the full-duplex HD audio experience and accurate voice recognition for up to 10-users in the meeting room.
  • Intelligent Microsoft Teams Rooms system powers hybrid workspaces - When it comes to hybrid working, intelligent speaker helps with an easy and effective Teams collaboration. The speech transcript not only captures every creative idea, but also makes discussions more efficient. During the meeting as well as afterward people can read the end-to-end meeting contents, creating a more inclusive Teams experience. What's more, the Yealink MVC320 and MVC640 solutions bundle include the MSpeech intelligent speaker, making these bundles integrated by design and the easiest choice for customers who want to add Microsoft Teams Artificial Intelligence to their meeting rooms.
  • "As our customers evolve their offices to prepare for the new reality of hybrid work, they are increasingly deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms to power these hybrid experiences," said Ilya Bukshteyn, General Manager for Microsoft Teams Devices. "The combination of Intelligent Speakers, such as the Yealink MSpeech, and Microsoft Teams Rooms, brings the most advanced transcription, voice recognition, and other AI powered experiences to Teams meetings for our customers."
  • With the all-new MSpeech speakerphone, the Yealink MVC320 and MVC640 Microsoft Teams Rooms offer great video solutions for Microsoft Teams with intelligent experience. You can explore more and choose the best solutions from Yealink's full range of video and voice device solutions for Microsoft Teams including personal devices and shared devices.
Included Devio SCR-20 - Conference room processing hub
Parle TCM-XEX - beamtracking ceiling microphone (ceiling mic version)
Parle TTM-XEX - beamtracking table microphone (table mic version)
(2) Desono C-IC6 - ceiling speakers
USB Cable Power supply
Connectivity USB-B, RJ-45 (Ethernet & mic), screw terminal (speaker)
Warranty 5 Year limited manufacturer hardware warranty

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