Yealink UVC84-BYOD-050 BYOD Room System for Medium Rooms

Product Type: VC Room Kits

Brand: Yealink


The Yealink UVC84-BYOD-050 meeting kit is designed for medium boardrooms (6-11 users), providing excellent video and audio experience while at an affordable price. Combined with 4K sensor and revolutionised new ID design, the Yealink UVC84 USB camera provides an excellent video experience for your meeting. Featuring 12 x optical zoom and 3 x digital zoom, the UVC84 USB camera reproduces every single detail in the meeting room. The UVC84 USB camera covers a wide field of view of 80°, with mechanical pan and tilt that can be easily done either by remote control or Yealink’s camera control plug-in software.

Combined with the MSpeech USB speakerphone, the UVC84-BYOD-050 kit delivers best in class video and audio quality to all participants. With all these features the Yealink UVC84-BYOD-050 kit is the ideal choice for a truly collaborative, true-to-life communication experience in medium sized boardrooms.

  • 4K Ultra HD video quality -The UVC84 USB camera delivers 4K video output with excellent sharpness and smoothness, precise detail, colour that awards you with a vivid video experience.
  • HD Zoom, large field of view - With 12 x optical zoom, 3 x digital zoom and 80° field of view, the UVC84 can easily covers a medium sized boardroom. All participants in the meeting room can be clearly seen by the remote party.
  • Auto framing - The UVC84 USB camera aims to provide a better auto framing feature to free your hands from doing PTZ control ensuring you focus on the meeting at hand.
  • Excellent audio experience - For a crystal clear audio experience the UVC84-BYOD-050 is coupled with the MSpeech USB Speakerphone.
  • Easy and flexible deployment - The complete mounting kit brings you a quick and flexible installation method, which allows you to either place the UVC84 USB camera on the conference table or mount it on the top of a TV, on the wall, on the ceiling, onto a TV stand or a tripod according to your needs.
Yealink UVC84 Camera - 4K sensor
- 80° FoV
- 12x optical zoom, 3x digital zoom
- Pan: ±100°, Tilt: +40°, -90°
- Auto Framing
- Camera presets
VCM34 Array Microphone - Built-in 3-microphone array
- 360° 20ft (6-meter) voice pickup range
- Cascade connection up to 6 units
- Mute button with bicolor LED
MSpeaker II Soundbar - Frequent response: 100Hz - 20KHz
- S/N:≥70dB
- 1 x Line-in (3.5mm)
Yealink BYOD Box - 2x USB3.0 Type-A port
- 1x HDMI output
- 1x 1.5m Type-C cable for connecting to laptop, support charging via USB-C on laptop
- 1x Type-C port for power adapter
- PD power adapter

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